2008 Thomas O. Davis Award - Patrick Grier

Patrick Grier Receives Thomas O. Davis Public Servant Award
 Patrick Grier award winner
 City Manager Peggy Merriss, Susan Bennett (daughter of Thomas O. Davis) and DBA President Neil Dobbs with Patrick Grier.

Patrick Grier, well known to his fellow City of Decatur employees for his pleasant and kind spirit and his dedication to his job, was named recipient of the Thomas O. Davis Public Servant Award at the March DBA meeting.

This past year, members of the Decatur community discovered his kindness and dedication. Patrick was a house captain for the 2008 Decatur Martin Luther King Jr. Service Project. This annual project, organized by the Decatur Preservation Alliance in partnership with the City of Decatur, provides home repairs and yard work for Decatur’s senior citizens. Patrick asked for a home that was “the worst of the worst.” He is highly skilled in home repair and wanted an assignment that matched his skills and allowed him to make the greatest impact.

Decatur’s Thomas O. Davis Award honors a public employee who has helped strengthen the bond between government and the community, served as a role model for others in public service, contributed to the well-being of the community, inspired others to get involved in public service, and served the public with respect. The award is named for Decatur’s long-time city attorney.